Over the course of our experiences, we have seen a gap in the capabilities offered within the print industry.

Large printers have big overheads. They struggle to handle custom detailed projects that don’t “fit in the box.” They are too big to turn quickly so they cannot be flexible and responsive. In order to be profitable, the focus becomes more iron, more ink, more paper.

Small companies do not have the capacity, the capability, the knowledge, or the desire to service unique projects. They have limited resources and serve many small customers, often quickly. They are small and fast, but a complex project overwhelms them.

SEENKEA is nimble and SEENKEA is fast.

We have the fire power we need, both internally and with strategic partners. We can adapt very quickly to produce nearly every project you can dream up.

We are responsive, agile and provide excellent customer service.

Create. Innovate. Produce.